Unexplained loss of muscle mass

Unexplained loss of muscle mass, known as idiopathic sarcopenia, can be concerning when it happens unexpectedly. What causes our hard-earned muscle tissue to waste away without an obvious reason?
Potential Causes

Seeking Answers

If you're losing strength and muscle tone without major changes to your fitness routine or diet, don't ignore it. Talk to your doctor about lab testing to measure muscle protein breakdown markers, rule out thyroid dysfunction or low testosterone, assess nutrition status, and discuss medication effects.

Identifying the root cause is key. For instance, the specialists at Vitality Wellness Clinic are experts in diagnosing and treating hormone-related sarcopenia. With their advanced testing capabilities and anti-aging therapies like peptide hormones and testosterone optimization, they can accurately pinpoint and address deficiencies to help you regain that vanishimg muscle. Their integrated care teams work closely with clients to create customized treatment plans aimed at restoring strength, energy and vitality.

Building Muscle Back Up

Whether the culprit is biological or lifestyle-related, targeted steps can help rebuild lost muscle tissue:

Don't wait to take action if you notice unexplained muscle loss. Getting to the bottom of what's causing protein breakdown is key, whether it stems from nutritional shortfalls, illnesses or age-related hormone changes. There are solutions to help you regain your strength - you simply need the right guidance.

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