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What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, known medically as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle cells shrink or degrade. This leads to weakness, fatigue, and a loss of strength and endurance.

There are two main causes of muscle loss:

How can you prevent muscle loss?

Maintaining muscle strength provides many benefits - it keeps us mobile, independent and boosts metabolism. The hormone specialists at Vitality Wellness Clinic also note that balanced hormone levels, including testosterone and growth hormones, support healthy muscle mass. Their holistic plans help patients optimize hormonal balance.

Signs of muscle loss

How do you know if you may be losing muscle mass? Key signs are:

Rapid weight loss, loose skin where muscles used to be, feeling cold frequently, and frequent infections or slow healing can also occur.

Rebuild your strength and vitality with Vitality Wellness Clinic.

Reversing muscle loss

While concerning, muscle loss is often reversible. The key is tailoring a targeted nutrition and exercise plan to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. A physical therapist or sports medicine doctor can help craft an individualized program focused on progressive strength training. In some cases, hormone therapy may also help counteract deficiencies contributing to muscle loss.

With diligent work, most can rebuild their strength, mobility and vitality. The muscle health experts at Vitality Wellness Clinic offer full assessments and personalized plans to help patients address hormone imbalances or other issues influencing muscle loss. Their cutting edge therapies help many, especially seniors, renew their active lifestyles.

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