Brain fog

What is brain fog?

Brain fog refers to cognitive dysfunction that can make it hard to think clearly. People experiencing brain fog may have issues with memory, focus, decision making, verbal fluency, and attention span. While anyone can occasionally experience a bout of scattered thinking or distractibility, brain fog that happens frequently can really impact your productivity and quality of life.

There are many potential causes of brain fog including:

"I struggled with persistent brain fog that made it so hard to perform at work. Getting my hormones balanced with bioidentical hormone replacement at Vitality Wellness Clinic really helped clear the brain fog. I feel so much more like myself now that I'm not living in a mental haze all the time."

If you constantly feel like you're living in a fog and having difficulty recalling basic information, focusing for long periods, or communicating clearly, bringing this up to your doctor is important, as persistent brain fog can indicate an underlying condition.

Here are some tips that may help alleviate brain fog:

Figuring out any potential medical, dietary, or lifestyle factors causing your brain fog symptoms with your doctor and addressing those issues through nutrition, rest, reducing inflammation, optimizing hormones, etc can all help get your mental clarity and energy back!

I hope these details on brain fog, its common causes, and management tips help provide some clarity (no pun intended 😉). Let me know if you have any other questions!

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